Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Power of Marketing

Every so often you see a video on YouTube so heart-warming or so thought-provoking that you just have to share it. And today, I was in the library studying for two upcoming midterms and writing an essay on the impact of the transcendentalism movement on the American identity... so naturally, I was procrastinating on YouTube long enough to find two incredible videos to share with you all. :)

The first video shows a South African burger joint's unconventional and inspiring approach to marketing. To raise awareness of their new braille menus, the burger joint, Wimpy, created 15 burgers for the visually impaired, each with an engraved description of the burger spelt out in braille using sesame seeds. This seemingly small gesture went viral within the visually impaired community, ultimately spreading to over 800,000 sight disabled people who now recognize Wimpy as a blind-friendly restaurant.

The second video shows the power of wording, how the same message, worded differently, can have very different meanings for your audience. As a marketing major and English minor, I'm fascinated by this phenomenon and fully believe that a strong message is instrumental for succeeding in today's trend of increasingly content-based marketing with Twitter, Facbeook, and all the other emerging vehicles of personalized communication.

Both of these videos are true testaments to the power of creative marketing and really show how marketing is so much more than just revenue-maximizing. Enjoy!

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