Saturday, April 13, 2013

Third Annual Sales Competition

To All SU Undergrads:  Please consider participating in the 3rd Annual Sales Competition for Seattle University.
To get information about participating (& Pizza) & to sign-up if interested--> attend either Kick-Off Meeting Option below:
  • Kick-Off Meeting Option 1:  Thur April 18th (12:30-1:20pm) Pigott 103
  • Kick-Off Meeting Option 2:  Fri April 19th (2:00-2:50pm) Pigott 103
At the Kick-Off Meeting:
  • Information about participation provided.
  • Questions about participation answered.
  • Instructions and BTB Sales Case provided.
  • Scoring Rubric provided.
  • Sign-up for Role-Play Time-Slots (for Round 1 & Round 2).
    • Round 1 (Sales Interview):        April 26 (Friday).
    • Round 2 (Sales Presentation):  April 29 (Monday).
Why you should participate:
  • Awards:
    • 1st prize:  $1,000.00 + iPad.
    • 2nd prize: $750.00
    • 3rd prize:  $500.00
  • Great Networking Opportunity: 
    • Sales Executives from Google and Microsoft and AT&T will be Competition Judges.
    • Other Companies participating as well.
    • Awards and Networking Night: May 17 (Friday).
  • Will look good on your Resume -- regardless of how you place.
    • will look really good on your Resume if you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.
If you have any questions feel free to contact Domina Lasich at Northwest Mutual:

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