Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Careers in Marketing" Panel Recap

(Top: Eric, David, Monica, Lin, Julia; Bottom: Fun items provided by Waggner and Edstrom!)

Despite being on a Monday afternoon, during the common lunch period, there was a great turnout for the Seattle University Alumni now working at Waggner & Edstrom Worldwide:
Monica Brown: Senior Account Executive, graduated in 2004  
Rickey Bird: Senior Account Executive, graduated in 2006
David Byrd: Account Coordinator, graduated in 2006
Each openly talked about their career experiences since since graduating, especially during the time in which they dealt first-hand with their career choices as the economic rescission hit, and each had great advice that can be used for any business major from a first-year to their last year.
Top Take-Always:
--Know that it can take time to get on the "track" to the career you want; be patient
--Agency-style positions: Clients, project based, you = the brand  VS. In-house positions: Departmental, 1 focus, tool for product sales
--What's important? Internships. Online presence. Read a lot, Learn the language.
--Waggner & Edstrom's internship position hires about 85% of their interns!
--You've heard it once, and you'll hear it again: It's all about who you know - networking!
--In an interview, do some research and have an opinion!
--Know that you probably won't have a job in exactly what you study in school, be flexible
--Be receptive to criticism

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